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Small Group


Group session details

Group sessions are a great option for those that may not require one-on-one services but still want quality, consistency and structure in their week. 

At Movement in Mind we offer two different types of small group sessions to accommodate the needs of any person wanting to achieve their health and wellness goals. 

See below for details 

Fit to Function
Small group circuit


'Fit to Function' is a small group circuit with a maximum capacity of 6 people. The activities and exercises delivered in this class are designed to improve your strength, fitness and function in order to optimise your ability to tackle the challenges of every day life. Unlike some other circuit classes, we tailor our exercises with functionality in mind and cater to each individuals needs. All ages and levels of fitness are welcome!

  • Improve and maintain independence 

  • Challenge yourself in an engaging, judgement free social setting  

  • Constant guidance by a qualified Exercise Scientist

Plan Based
Small group session

Plan based group sessions are for those interested in following a tailored exercise plan designed specifically by an Exercise Physiologist to achieve their goals. This plan is  executed independently amongst a small group of 4 other people under the supervised guidance of our Exercise Scientist. 


These group sessions are best suited to those with more complex conditions and/or goals that require more supervision and expert input. 


Please note: Plan based group sessions are only available to patients who have seen one of our Exercise Physiologists one-on-one previously and have been prescribed an activity plan. 

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