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Small Group


Group session details

Group sessions are a great option for those that may not require one-on-one services but still want quality, consistency and structure in their week. 

At Movement in Mind we offer small group sessions to accommodate the needs of any person wanting to achieve their health and wellness goals. 

See below for details 


Plan Based
Small group session

Listen, home workouts are great, but if you need the motivation, equipment variety and supervised guidance, a group session may be your best option!


How does it work?

  1. ​Book in for a one-on-one consultation with one of our Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists (Either one is fine)

  2. We will design your very own exercise plan tailored to your specific goals and guide you through how to do it safely and effectively 

  3. Book in a class online and attend as often as you like!

  • Improve and maintain independence 

  • Challenge yourself in an engaging, judgement free setting  

  • 5 person limit

  • Private Health and Medicare Diabetes care plan rebates available

  • All ages and levels of fitness are welcome!

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