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Weight Training

Private Appointment 
How to navigate private health and private appointments 

Move it or Lose it

Our body is the most important thing we have so lets take care of it!

Exercise is one of the first things we try when we want to get "healthy", but sometimes it's hard to know where to start and what's best for us and our individual goals. 

This can be made even more complicated when we are dealing with things like:


Low energy


Chronic illness/disease

Whether your starting your health journey or have been exercising your whole life;


Movement in Mind are here to discuss your goals, assess your abilities and prescribe you expert health and fitness advice so you can get the best from your body. 

See below for details ​

Step 1:

No referral needed

Whether you have private health insurance or not, anyone can book in to see an Exercise Physiologist at Movement in Mind.


Those with private health cover can receive a rebate with each service whereas those without private health insurance are required to pay the entire fee.

Still unsure?


If you have questions regarding private appointments or private health rebates and would like more information specific to your needs, give us a call or inquire online.​​

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