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Active Physiotherapy

Long term problems require long term solutions. 

What is an Active Physiotherapist?


If you're tired of ineffective and costly massages, needles, and treatments that only offer temporary relief for your symptoms, it might be time to consult with an Active Physiotherapist.


Similar to an Exercise Physiologist, an Active Physiotherapist focuses on enhancing a person's functionality and well-being through expertly tailored exercise regimens and lifestyle advice, rather than relying on passive methods like hands-on therapy, shockwave therapy, and cupping.


What to expect from a session with our Active Physiotherapist:


  • A comprehensive assessment and diagnosis to ensure safe movement

  • Access to the latest and most effective treatments for your condition

  • An active approach with personalized exercises designed for optimal results

  • Education on your condition and available options to empower you

  • A supportive and non-judgmental environment for open discussion of thoughts and beliefs

  • Longer appointment durations

  • A detailed plan to help you reach your health goals


When should you consider seeing an Active Physiotherapist?


Anyone seeking to enhance their functionality or alleviate pain can benefit from the expertise of an Active Physio. Whether you've been dissatisfied with previous physiotherapy experiences, seek a second opinion, or desire a long-term solution to your health concerns, an Active Physiotherapist can provide the support you need.

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