Physical Therapy Session

Get back on track

As a registered Return to Work SA provider, Movement in Mind is focussed on providing you with the tools, education and guidance to get you back to work and the things you love. 


We understand all too well that pain and injury that impacts your ability to work can be devastating to you and the ones you love. After an injury Its very common to experience things like:

Pain & frustration

Feels like Life is on hold

Worry about the future

Depression and anxiety

That's why at Movement in Mind we are dedicated to help you reduce your pain, improve your function and speed up your injury recovery time. 

See below for details ​

Check your elegibility


In order to utilise Exercise Physiology services for your occupational rehabilitation you must: 


  • Have sustained a work place injury and have a claim with Return to Work SA

  • Discuss with your allocated case manager or employer about your eligibility to use our Exercise Physiology services    

Gather your info


We will require some information to get you organized before our first appointment:


  • RTWSA Claim number

  • Injury report

  • Claim agency (Gallagher Bassett/EML...)

  • Case managers details

  • Any other relevant medical documents

Recieve Clearance


Once you've completed steps 1 and 2, get in touch with us to organise the final details. 


From here we will contact your case manager and discuss a necessary treatment 

plan for your recovery.  


Begin your recovery

Once steps 1-3 are complete we will contact you to organise your initial consultation and begin your rehabilitation. 


 If you would like to know more about our work injury rehabilitation services give us a call or inquire online.