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Exercise Physiology

Christian Cirocco

Exercise Physiologist

Christian is the owner and Lead Exercise Physiologist of Movement in Mind Exercise Physiology. 

Having a special interest and personal experience with persistent pain, Christian dedicates his time and expertise as a health and movement expert to help others overcome pain and regain their function. 

Sophie Arkun

Exercise Physiologist

Sophie is a senior Exercise Physiologist at Movement in Mind. She enjoys working with patients with a wide variety of health concerns to improve their function and quality of life through tailored exercise programs and lifestyle guidance. 


As an athlete and team member of the Norwood Redlegs SANFLW team, Sophie understands the value of activity and the importance of movement both on and off the football field. 

Exercise Physiology

Matthew Stamatas


Matt is a physiotherapist at Movement in Mind. He places a strong emphasis on an active approach to managing

pain and injury and aims to help people develop skills to self-manage their conditions and achieve their goals.

Matt enjoys collaborating with people from all walks of life including athletes, those experiencing persistent pain and

those simply wanting to work through the complexities of pain and injury in their day to day life.

William De Tullio

Exercise Scientist

William is Movement in Minds Exercise Scientist and soon to be Exercise Physiologist. 

Will is passionate and determined to help people on their health and fitness journey and knows the importance of function across all ages and abilities. 

group instructor
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