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Exercise Physiology


Christian Cirocco

Accredited Exercise physiologist

Christian is the director of Movement in Mind Exercise Physiology.

Having a special interest and personal experience with chronic pain, Christian dedicates his time and expertise as a health and movement expert to help others overcome pain and regain their function. 

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Knowledge is Power

As Clinical Exercise Physiologists we work with people with physical and mental health conditions including injury, chronic disease, pain and disability.


Within this role, we use our knowledge of the human body and its functions to educate others on how we can improve the quality of those functions in order to treat, manage or prevent adverse health conditions.


Ultimately, our goal is to help people move more with less pain, with the use of behavior change coaching, lifestyle advice and exercise prescription. 

Sometimes our bodies don't work or feel the way we want them to.


This might be in the form of chronic pain and disability, stiffness and fatigue or depression and anxiety.


We also understand that It's common to seek other means of help such as drug therapies (sometimes necessary) and hands on treatments in an effort to mask symptoms, manage certain problems or feel a bit better for a while. 

At Movement in Mind, we are interested in a long term solution. 

We embrace the bodies ability to self heal, adapt to challenges and protect us from harm. We also know that in order to improve these abilities, we need to give it what it needs: Movement.


So whether you are suffering from chronic pain, live with a disability, have a chronic health disease or just want to improve your health and fitness; why not give us a go? 


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